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Infdev 12 (29 April 2022)

Changed the default port when adding a server to 1123 and added support for protocols other than https. For the test server, please use the address

Infdev 11 (26 April 2022)

Changed ping timing to be client-side only and actually work. Fully added multiplayer testing and saves (test server address is Added a hyperspace entrance effect.

Bug Fixes:

Technical Changes:

Infdev 10 (24 April 2022)

Added ping time to the multiplayer testing, added editing server names, and added a refresh button on server selection screen.

Bug Fixes:

Technical Changes:

Infdev 9 (21 April 2022)

Updated the title in the main menu to have the correct name, removed the modding tab in settings

Bug Fixes:

Technical Changes:

Infdev 8 (15 April 2022)

Revamped planets! Added 6 new planet biomes: earthlike, volcanic, jungle, ice, desert, moon. Added saves and multiplayer testing (you need to use the mp and save url parameter, for example /spawn has been changed since it peviously did not work. (/spawn <ship type> <owner (e.g. @vortex)> [x] [y] [z])

Bug Fixes:

Technical Changes:

Infdev 7 (22 March 2022)

Reworked research points into the experience system, and reworked commands (see the docs for more info). Added toggleable reaction control systems (RCS) and support for functions. The navigation and inventory menus can be closed with Esc. Removed the RCS/Zero Point research. Added toggleable hud using F1.

Bug Fixes:

Technical Change: Complelty transtion from function based things to class based things (This is a massive under-the-hood change that will allow us to be more organized and code faster)

Infdev 6 (1 March 2022)

Improved GUI lists (e.g. inventory sub-menus, save list), fixed GUI scaling, and added the GUI scale setting. Added a loading spinner on game startup.

Bug Fixes:

Technical Changes:

Infdev 5 (9 February 2022)

Added the /kill and /spawn commands.

Bug Fixes:

Technical Changes:

Infdev 4 (12 January 2022)

Ships can now be commanded and are upgraded individually. Fixed a bug from Infdev 3 where some list items where not displayed with a background. Also updated along with the user authenitcation API to be more stable and easier to work with. It is now RESTful for any other devs interested. The command /sound play [id] is now /playsound [id] and the /reloadengine command is now /debug reload.

Infdev 3 (20 December 2021)

Changed the camera to be 3rd person. A/D keybinds changed from strafing to rotating. Changed how the GlowLayer interacts with the scene. Slight transparency on some menus!

Infdev 2 (5 December 2021)

Fixed default keybinds not loading and an issue with checking if the player had certain materials.

Infdev 1 (23 November 2021)

Added infinite worlds, 3 more ship models (for the crusier, battleship, and dreadnought), sound effects, account authetication (you will need an account to play the game now), and a tutorial. We also balanced some ship specs, tweaked the debug/F3 screen, changed the menu title color, fixed ship texture rendering, added modding via raw js, and added some more randomness to the game in the form of some randomized player spawning, planet spawning, and ship spawning. The sizes of planets and stars has been doubled. Finally, the available space where you and enemy ship can spawn expands with a bigger fleet.

Indev 11 (26 October 2021)

Removed the debug screen alternate keybind (Shift+D) and add a view hitboxes feature (F4). Fixed the issue from last snapshot concerning respawn.

Indev 10 (20 October 2021)

Added space battles! Get within 200 units of a planet's fleet to engage in battle. A small change: the version display in the main menu is now a link that points to the patch notes for that version.
Dev Note: There might be a bug where if you die the game freezes. If you experience this, please just enter $loop() into the chat

Indev 9 (12 October 2021)

Added modding. Mods can be managed at the mods tab in settings. Please see the modding API reference to make a mod.

Indev 8 (1 October 2021)

is a BIG snapshot! Finally, 3D ship models have been added! Please note that the only unique ship model is the destroyer. All the other ships use the corvette model due to time constraints. Also, the textures won't load properly, so for now we've made them all one emissive color though its not ideal. We've also added in a 3rd-person camera. This is accessible by pressing R (The keybind is labeled toggle perspective). Oh, and there is a new settings for camera sensitivity under general. Also greatly improved chat (/ to access). Chat is now positioned lower (right above the input box). The debug screen is also improved. Visually, the background is only over the text. A few new sections were added. Below the closest planet, the locked target will be shown, and next to the player rotation is A which has info about the ArcRotateCamera (3rd person). You can now play two songs ingame via the /sound play command. The 2 song names/ids are rift and planets. Also a major under the hood change: All assets have been moved to Data URLs. This has the huge benefit of not needing an assets folder. The version can also be downloaded without needing all the dependencies (except for the libraries). Due to this, the game file is 190x bigger than snapshot 7.

Indev 7 (23 September 2021)

Added actual space movement physics, added the new Navigation UI (open with q, allows you to warp between systems and lock targets), and added a few new tech types. Added propulsion which increases base speed, Zero-Point Drive that allows you to instantly stop, and Force Keel, complicated. Read the tooltip ingame.Also, with the new tech type comes a new modding feature setting a value in tech.[type].rq to 0 will mean that a tech type will be locked if the player researches the other tech type

Indev 6 (21 September 2021)

Added a background in-game (stars) instead of the plain purple. Fixed the game-breaking bug that you could open inventory/pause menu while save was being created or the other was open.

Indev 5 (16 September 2021)

Added a new Keybindings section to settings and added dynamic item name/amount displays to the inventory. Also finally fixed tooltips and improved dynamic UIs in general

Indev 4 (8 September 2021)

Fixed saves not rendering after the progress bar was done, NaN showing in the ram section of the debug screen, and F3 not displaying the debug screen. Also added some information to the debug screen about the current save and level (below game info)

Indev 3 (5 September 2021)

Added a progress bar for and optimized save creation, system object is now read only, and did a few minor bug fixes (e.g. how the date for a save would be undefined)

Indev 2 (3 September 2021)

Added solar systems, and the /warp command.

Indev 1 (29 August 2021)

The first ever release of Annihiation - In 3D